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East Africa Yacht Week Promo Photos

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Yacht week trips are becoming increasingly more popular. Whether it’s a Instagram-worthy, bathing suit coordinated trip you are taking with your girlfriends or a private excursion with your boo, there are some things you need to know when you are going on a yacht for an extended period of time. We caught up with Yacht Week East Africa Founder, Kelsy Horton who shared the 5 things you must know if you’ve never been on a yacht! Keep on reading for more information.


Girlfriends packing suitcases for vacations

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This is not the time to bring four suitcases and honestly, you are on a yacht. Who needs that? It’s all about your swimsuits, coverups, and outfits for the evening. Horton explained, “You don’t have as much space as you have when you’re at home, so pack light and get ready to bond with your boatmates!”


African woman leaning over bathroom sink with head in hand

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Horton shares, “It can take some time to get used to being on the water; have some Dramamine ($3.99, ready just in case you need it.” You can also be well rested before your trip and if you feel nauseous, get some fresh air! You can also wear an acupressure wristband ($6.10, if you don’t want to take pills due to pregnancy or any other reason.


Bathroom in boat cabin

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Horton instructs, “Don’t put foreign objects down your toilet. A clogged toilet on a boat isn’t a good look.” Enough said. But in case: yes, ladies, this includes your tampons.



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Air circulation is important on the high seas! Horton says, “Be sure to use your cabin and bathroom hatches for proper ventilation.” No one wants to smell your dinner and it’s nice to let some of the sea air in the cabin.


East Africa Yacht Week Promo Photos

Source: Courtesy of East Africa Yacht Week /

Horton encourages to “make the yacht your home!” After all, whether you are there for a few days, a week, or even longer, it’s your boat, Beyoncé! “Decorate. Fly your flag. Find your happy place on the yacht: there’s your cabin, the galley area, the trampoline in front of the yacht, and chill spaces in the the back of the yacht.” No matter where you choose, you’ll be sure to be able to relax, recharge, and most importantly, have fun!

Have you ever been sailing before? Share your best yacht tips with us in the comment section.


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