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a$ap rocky

Source: John Sciulli / Getty

Anytime something huge goes down in our culture, it’s to be expected that people will have different perspectives and opinions on the matter. We’ve seen the Internet divide into two polarized groups when it comes to huge things like race and politics, and even smaller issues like whether or not we should cancel Kanye.

But when it comes to Black issues, the polarization is on a whole other level. Either you’re with the popular opinion, or you’re deemed ignorant, non-empathetic, or just plain ol’ bitter. A lot of that energy has been going around after news broke about A$AP Rockys arrested and him being detained in a Swedish prison under inhumane conditions.


Many celebrities have taken to to social media to rally behind Rocky by posting the petition to help get him free.


But others don’t feel as strongly about freeing Rocky as others do. The Read podcast co-host Crissle West is one of the people who spoke out against the popular wave to free the Harlem rapper, and her reasoning was exceedingly valid. Plus she had receipts.

Joe Budden on the other hand is one of the celebs rooting for Rocky to be set free. So of course he clapped back at Crissle for her opinion on the matter.

“That nasty ass bum a** homegirl, I seen her put it out. It’s just like, you niggas that be preaching this pro black shit but get evil in a heartbeat…woo. Why can’t we let life teach people?”

If we use Joe’s logic, it appears that life is giving Rocky the very lesson that he needs. Way too often, we see rappers “make it” and totally forget about the conditions and culture that they come from; especially the young, Black artists.

They get a little bag, a little cross-over appeal and forget that they’re still Black men in American. They can still be arrested at the drop of the dime, solely based on the color of their skin. For Rocky, as a successful African American man with a huge platform, to say that it’s not his job to speak out on Black issues is a slap in the face. So why should said community go so hard to speak for him?

Maybe his friends in SoHo or Beverly Hills would be better suited to help him get out of the situation he’s in.

We definitely wouldn’t wish Rocky’s situation on anyone, EVER! But word to the wise, humble yourself, or life will do it for you. Good Luck to A$AP Rocky, his family and the rest of the mob.

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