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Jason Momoa Was Pictured Without His Signature Abs & People Went In

Last week, Us Weekly posted a photo of Jason Momoa shirtless while on vacation in Italy.

Usually, a shirtless photo of Jason Momoa–or any photo of Jason Momoa, really–would spark nothing but thirsty commenters, but this time around, things were a little bit different. This time, the comments were bombarded with people wondering where the usually very buff star’s abs went.

Here’s the picture in question:

When the picture was first posted, certain commenters began to call this Momoa’s “dad bod.” If that’s what people are going to start calling dad bods, then we’ve got a way bigger issue here–but it’s still alarming that someone as fit as Jason Momoa can still be body shamed for what is probably just the result of not working out while on vacation.

In the Instagram comments of the picture, one person could be seen asking “what happened to his abs?” alongside a crying emoji. Another said: “This is what it looks like when he lets himself go.” In another comment section of the same photo on Facebook, somebody else suggested that Momoa needed to “start lifting” again.

Despite the fact that these commenters probably don’t have six packs themselves, everyone else on the internet quickly realized how absolutely insane these criticisms were, and fans quickly came to Jason’s defense.

For those of us who actually have bodies that more closely resemble an actual dad (or mom, is that a thing?) bod, it should be more comforting than anything to see people like Jason Momoa–who is known for having an incredible physique–able to take a break, enjoy vacation, and not focus on whether or not he has a six pack 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The moral of the story here: literally ANYONE can be body shamed, even people who probably work out more than 300 days a year and have bodies that look like they were sculpted by God himself.

The internet sure is a fun place, isn’t it? Hopefully Jason Momoa isn’t taking any of these comments to heart because, let’s face it, he’ll probably have a six pack again the second he does 3 or 4 sit-ups–and the rest of us…..won’t.


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