2. Homelessness is a phenomenon Black people know all too well


In the movie, Jimmie reveals his past experience with homelessness including time spent in a group home. Meanwhile, Mike Epps plays a minor character who has to reside in his barely functional car in order to survive.

Though the movie doesn’t explain all of how these characters reached their homeless situations, scenes of them just roaming the streets — whether roaming in a car, or Jimmie roaming on his skateboard — make the message crystal clear…

With no ownership or adequate defense, many Black people must resort to being nomads…

Roaming the lands of America, finding a place they can call home in a country that was never set up to be homey in the first place.

*Sigh* ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’ Nails These 3 Hard Truths About Gentrification  was originally published on globalgrind.com

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