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Toy Story

Source: Walt Disney Studios / Walt Disney Studios

The fourth installment to the beloved Pixar franchise is back, introducing us to a slew of cute characters and entertaining shenanigans. Woody, Buzz, and most of the original gang are learning to love their new kid, Bonnie Anderson, while Bo Peep becomes a lost toy, and we witness the “birth” of a new one. HelloBeautiful visited Pixar for a glimpse of the new movie and talks with director Josh Cooley and producers Mark Nielsen and Jonas Rivera. Here’s what we learned.

Forky introduces us to the miracle of “toy-birth.”

Bonnie’s arts & crafts project comprised of play dough and a spork showcases the first time we see a toy “come to life.” Forky also brings up of the interesting question of what makes a toy. At this point, it’s probably a blend of paste and imagination. Regardless, Forky is the newborn baby of the bunch and as such he is unpredictable, innocent, and wildly entertaining. Pair that with the fact that he’s just learning to use his lanky pipe cleaner arms, swiveling googly eyes, and popsicle feet, he makes for one of the funniest characters in the film.

Woody is a dad, kinda…

Our favorite sheriff is a seasoned toy, and as such takes on a new role as a nurturer as he watches over “newborn” Forky. TBH, Woody was also present for the “birth” and “first steps” of the wobbling baby boy so I’m calling daddy duty, but so does director Josh Cooley.

“[Woody] was obviously so important to Andy… it’s not going to be the same with Bonnie,” Cooley tells HelloBeautiful. “For Bonnie right now, Forky is so important to her, so for Woody, it’s like I can help Bonnie by mentoring this innocent character who doesn’t understand the world, so he becomes a father-figure, a mentor.”

More so, Woody is very much ready for the role, as he reflects on his own personal toy journey to help Forky.

“Woody actually goes internal because he’s trying to explain what it means to be such an important part of a kids life and that forces him to reflect and look back,” adds Cooley.

“Woody goes to great lengths to look out for Forky, care for Forky, and do whatever he can to get him back to Bonnie,” adds Nielsen.

Bo Peep has her own singular arc and is living in her truth!

After a 20 year absence, Bo Peep is at the helm of Toy Story 4. She becomes a lost toy — any toy’s greatest fear – but she’s chosen that life of her own accord and she’s certainly empowered in doing so. Though, the Pixar team makes it known that Bo’s bold side isn’t new, it’s just another layer that’s finally coming to the top.

“We went back and watched just the Bo Peep scenes from Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2 to remind ourselves of where she came from and she’s always been tough and a leader,” says Cooley. “Ad all we did was bring her to the surface. She been through more, lets amplify it.”

“She’s been out there in the world, living life on her own terms… and she’s in charge of her own destiny so thats going to toughen you up even if you are a porcelain doll,” says Nielsen. “So a lot of her personality and character with the situations she’s been in and seen, we want to reflect that side of her,” he continues.

P.S. Bo Peep’s sheep will give you life.

They’ve got names (Billy, Goat, and Gruff) and sassy attitudes that mirror their mom. The fluffy trio are a “mixture of children and pet” clarifies Cooley. “We knew they could be fun non-verbal characters and we could have fun with the way they move, interact with each other, and the world.”

P.P.S They can drive.

Giggle McDimples, the smallest character in the Toy Story Universe has the biggest personality

Any good adventure story also includes a side-kick and Giggle McDimples is no different. She’s a Polly Pocket-esque character with the most infectious laugh known to man. The police officer themed-toy meets Bo Peep in the antiques mall where they become best friends, but McDimples is somewhat more than just a teeny-tiny pal.

“We kind of hope she is today’s Jiminy Cricket, she’s just this important voice and conscience for Bo Peep,” says producer Jonas Rivera.

The bite-sized toy easily jumps in and out of frame and land on Bo’s shoulder. “Basically Bo can have a conversation with the devil and angel on her shoulder and it can be their private moment,” adds Cooley.

Toy Story 4 features the first female villain and she’s pretty creepy.

Gabby Gabby is a vintage baby doll whose voice box has become damaged over time. She runs the antique mall like crime mob, where her main goon Benson (a ventriloquist dummy), finds any new toy and introduces them to the King – I mean Queenpin – on the block. This is because Gabby Gabby is on the lookout for new voice boxes and is absolutely taken by Woody’s which is perfectly intact. As you can imagine, this is where things get a little hairy. Too bad we will have to wait until June 21 to see what unfolds.

Advance tickets to Toy Story 4 are on sale now.

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