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Good morning everybody. I have several news stories to cover this morning so I’ll just jump right in.

First and foremost, to all of listeners in Dayton, Ohio – and all of our listeners with family and friends in and around Dayton, Ohio – we see you. We are standing by to see how we can best help after the city was hit by a destructive tornado last night.

I’m just now starting to see the images and videos coming out of Dayton – and they are horrible. This morning several million people in Ohio are without power, but we are still awaiting an official assessment of the damage. I don’t want to speculate with numbers, but in some neighborhoods the damage was clearly catastrophic. We are holding out hope that the injuries and deaths are few and that the damage was mainly to property.

Switching gears, for just a moment I want to talk about international elections – because they were held across Europe this weekend – and the results concern me a great deal. Now most Americans, and I blame our media for this, most Americans have no idea what’s going on in the rest of the world because our media hardly even mentions the rest of the world, but this weekend, all over Europe, racists, and white supremacists, and bigoted politicians won their elections. I don’t just mean that conservatives won across Europe, I’m talking about the ultra-conservatives – many of them formed brand new parties over the past few years – and they won in a major way all over Europe – some took control of their Congress – others will even become Prime Minister.

And it’s important for me to mention, not just because we obviously live in this world – but because what is happening right before our very eyes is a very global rise of white power and white supremacy. And it’s deeply connected to Donald Trump. In fact, I saw many of the politicians elected across Europe posing in photos with Make America Great Again hats. They feel like they have full permission to be their worst, most bigoted selves because Donald Trump has given them permission.

Many of them ran their campaigns on open hate and disdain for immigrants and refugees and Muslims and when the President of the United States leads with this message, bigots around the world will feel emboldened. But here’s the thing – it has the same impact here in the United States. I study white supremacist message boards every day – and they see what is happening across Europe as validation that their movement is growing – and is being validated.

I’m deeply concerned and will be watching closely.

I want to close this morning by talking about two horrible cases of police violence that hardly even made the news, but would’ve been the primary headlines just a few years ago. Both cases take place in Texas.

All the way back on October 17th, 2018 – in San Antonio, Texas an unarmed, non-violent teenage boy named Charles Roundtree was shot and killed by San Antonio Police while he was literally sitting on the couch watching television. We’re just now hearing about it because the body camera footage was just now released – and it’s horrible.

Police claim that they came to the house because of a complaint from outside of the house, but in the darkness of the night a police officer bangs on the door, doesn’t even identify himself, and starts yelling right away. As someone comes to the door, the officer just starts shooting through the door, and kills the teenage boy on the couch – Charles Roundtree.

What’s wild is that after the shooting, the San Antonio Police released a statement saying how professional the entire ordeal was – and celebrated the actions of the police officer. They think we’re stupid, obviously. And they knew they could hide this footage for months – so whatever they said and thought would go, but later today I’ll be posting some action steps we can take together on this case on all of my social media accounts.

Lastly, I’ll close with this. All the way back in January I covered a case right here on the Tom Joyner Morning Show of a 17 year old boy named DaQuan Huey who was assaulted by police in Texarkana, Texas. Daquan, who is a great boy, was breaking up a fight when police burst onto the scene and assaulted him – causing him to be permanently blind in one of his eyes.

Well the city is now trying to charge DaQuan with a crime – as if he assaulted the police – but he never laid a finger on police. They’ve made the whole thing up. They assaulted him. And this is what happens when you allow police, particularly police in Texas to investigate themselves.

They come back with this type of BS.


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