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Instagram models come a dime a dozen, but every once in a while, there’s one that stands out from the pack — and Adrian a.k.a. True Mahogany is that girl. The model and entrepreneur doesn’t talk much about her personal life, but her flawless Instagram photos are enough to keep her 382,000 followers coming back for more.

Adrian is the owner and founder of Bomb Behavior, a dope bikini line made for the all the lovely curvy queens out there.

The fashion maven’s personal style is enough to make any woman want to clean out their closet and start completely over. Even guys are gagging over the African beauty’s perfect skin, curvy body and impeccable style. Mahogany is also one of the few models we see that actually has a real body. In a world where plastic is often glorified, it’s refreshing to see a Black model that fly, fit and well, real.

“Bro that True Mahogany girl on IG. No words.”- @Seanreesy25

“Every time I want to say fuck working out True mahogany post a picture on IG then I run my ass to the gym.”- @Cantfazenee

Instagram has built a culture on illusion. One IG model even spoke out about how she lost followers when she posted a realistic photo of herself. Stina Sanders, a London based model was approached by The Daily Mail to take part in an experiment looking at how her followers would react to more “unglamorous” pictures. The Independent reported:

As part of the experiment, Sanders posted pictures of herself bleaching facial hair, before undergoing a colonic irrigation, with chipped nails and without having a shower. In another, she shared a selfie from inside a Harley Street clinic where she has been undergoing psychotherapy sessions for anxiety. In a caption with the picture, Sanders wrote: “Harley Street isn’t just to fix your nose or your boobs – You can also fix your mind!

Sanders told the Independent: “During the experiment I lost 3,000 followers and come the end, I had lost 5,000,” she said. “I was shocked because I actually thought it would be the likes that would dramatically reduce and not the followers. What was interesting was I had more likes from women, whereas it is usually split, and all my comments were mostly from girls. It was evident that they wanted to reach out to me because they could relate in one way or another.”

The pressure to be perfect is even harder for Black models. That’s why someone like True Mahogany is a breath of fresh air in this surgically enhanced world. She can literally do no wrong. When asked about her life’s purpose, Adrian said: “I realized my true calling in life…Sh*t man, I’m a natural born killer.”

Whether she’s baring her buns on the ‘gram donning elegant duds, Mahogany is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Hit the flip to check out some of her flyest fashion moments.

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