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The new Hellboy hits theaters this weekend and it’s an interesting movie. It’s filled with one-liners and action that carried me enough to overlook some janky special effect and holes in the plot line. A movie like this isn’t supposed to be a masterpiece, it isn’t supposed to be a work of art. It’s two hours in a dark theater, eating salty food and drinking way too much of a sugar-filled beverage, while occasionally washing your soda down with more candy.

I sat down with Milla Jovovich, David Harbour, and Ian McShane to discuss their movie Hellboy and we touched on a wide range of topics. Milla talked about women’s empowerment and crafting characters the public has fallen in love with, as well as a time when she felt like she was hiding in the dark. “I think you find a person that never wanted to hide before, I would love to meet them and know what their secret is. Every day we wake up feeling either great or not so great. There are certain times when we work hard and excel and we feel really good and there are other times when we binge watch tv and we’re like ugh! I gotta make changes in my life. I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to those elements in this film,” Milla revealed. She goes on to explain that while she didn’t have many friends in school because she has a strange Russian name, that marginalization has made her who she is today.

David Harbour who plays the new Hellboy is now living a sober life but shared a story about one of his old drinking buddies in New York that turned out to be an undercover cop. “Back in the day, I’ve had a wild time with drinking. When I was younger it was not so great. I had bar friends. I was one of the only one of my friends that had bar friends which makes you realize you might have a little bit of an issue. One of them was an undercover cop and we would always be drinking down at this bar in the East Village,” David said. “He would be drinking all night and then it would be 1 in the morning and he would be like I gotta go to Washington Heights and do a drug deal, I’ll be right back. He would go and come back and I was like oh my god and he would be at the bar and he had a gun.”

David and I also talked about why people are obsessed with monsters having sex. “It’s the one thing we don’t really talk about in the superhero world. These people are injected with super powers and strength. I’m just curious about them because they interact in the world in super ways and I’m curious if they are like that in bed.”

Overall these were some fun interviews and you can go see Hellboy in theaters now.

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