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Logan Paul

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Every year, Forbes puts out different lists for people in every industry–from actors, to rappers, and now, Youtubers–so fans can see the hierarchy of our favorite stars.

On December 3, the publication put out their list of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars for 2018. Though there are definitely some familiar faces on there for true Youtube fanatics, there are most definitely some surprising features in the top 10–especially the star who snagged the top spot. 

Like we mentioned prior, some of the usual suspects are included in 2018’s earning list.

Taking the 10th spot is Logan Paul, earning a whopping $14.5 million in 2018. In January of this year, the 23-year-old was kicked off YouTube’s Google Preferred program after he filmed a video in Japan that showed an apparent dead body hanging from a tree. Even after his apology, his income from videos and brand deals took a definite hit, but loyal fans kept his insanely successful merchandise business afloat.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, even though PewDiePie is the most followed YouTuber with 74 million subscribers, he doesn’t make the most–but $15.5 million this year is nothing to scoff at. Unsurprisingly, PewDiePie also faced some backlash last year after some anti-Semitic videos–but now, advertisers have returned, and it looks like these Youtube stars continue to defy all odds after whatever scandals they face.

All of the stars on this list are controversial, it seems. Jumping to number 5 brings us Jeffree Star, who brought in a massive $18 million this year. Following SEVERAL scandals regarding racist comments throughout the years, it looks like Jeffree’s support system is still stronger than ever. He cofounded Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which sells an estimated $100 million–plus of eye shadow, lipstick and highlighters annually.

As we move up to number 2, we see another controversial and widely hated Youtube star: Jake Paul. The younger brother of the man with the 10th position, Jake brought in $21.5 million this year, also profiting mostly off of his merchandise business. It pays to market to little kids.

Speaking of marketing to little kids, one of the most surprising entries on this list is undoubtedly the first, with a 7-year-old taking the top spot. Ryan ToysReview, a 2nd grader with 17 million followers, made $22 million this year from reviewing toys. Legos, trains, he even has his own line of collectibles for sale at Walmart.

Try not to feel useless after hearing a 7-year-old makes more in a year than most people make in their lifetime.

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