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December 4th is a Hip-Hop holiday! To celebrate another year for rapper and mogul Jay-Z, we had some of his biggest fans discuss some of their favorite guest verses from Hov! Jigga has many to chose from so hit us up on any Social Platform and let us know what is your favorite!.

Missy Elliot Featuring Jay-Z ” Wake Up

Victor Terrell Spencer said: He floated on a 97bpm like he was walking on water. A rare ass moment for Hov, that’s actually the greatest featured song in his career.

Mya Best of Me Remix Featuring Jay-Z

Matt Says:

Best of Me Remix because it puts me back in that time era of Harlem shaking at parties & going to Skate Key 2-5. Drug Dealers Anonymous, Blackout, Get Throwed, Go Crazy all bars & flow!

DMX “Blackout” Featuring The Lox and Jay-Z

Smitty Harrison Says: So many legends on 1 joint and Jay lost his mind. Between ghetto nigga putting up Will Smith numbers and the beeper dun changed ya dead bitch the reaper dun came I was turned out!

Memphis Bleek “Is That Your Chick” Featuring Missy Elliot & Jay-Z

Terron Edmonds Says

He popped on the track, spit at a ridiculous rate, knowing fully his verse was probably as true as it gets.

Don’t get mad at me

I don’t love ’em I fuck ’em

I don’t chase ’em I duck ’em

I replace ’em with another one

You had to see she keep calling me Big

(And another one!)

And my name is Jay-Z

She was all on my dick

Gradually I’m taking over your bitch

Coming over your shit

Got my feet up on you sofas, man

I mean a hostess for my open hand

You coming home to dishes and empty soda cans

I got your bitch up in my Rover man

I never kiss her, I never hold her hand

In fact I diss her I’m a bolder man

I’mma pimp her, it’s over man

When I twist her in the Gold sedan

Like I’m Goldie man, you’re bitch chose man

Jigga man, iceberg with the frozen hands

Wedding bands don’t make it rosy man

Timbaland “Lobster & Scrimp” Featuring Jay-Z

Drewsean Williams  Says: In that moment was when I started to listen to jay heavy… Lyrically, on that song… I became a fan.

Puff Daddy ft Jay Z Biggie Smalls – Young G’s

Michael Walton said: no one knew a lot about Hov then he gave us a lil insight and the verse on Kanye Dropout CD he went hard on the never let you down even tho he had two verses.

Drake “Light up” Featuring Jay Z

RocSmoov Waters said: I feel like that was one of his first true “OG” features he was dropping keys and really blessing drake with game.

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