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The funny thing about having an accent is you can spend your early years of life never knowing you have one. Time spent in your neighborhood or your city can make you grow used to the lingo, so much to the point that you assume everyone talks like that.

But luckily, the Internet will tell you about yourself.

This past week, memes have been showing up around social media of Dexter from Dexter’s Lab whispering into a girl’s ear. The sexy looks he gives off caused people to roleplay, giving dialogue to the characters. Folks would caption the photo, with the girl saying, “Ouu, I love your accent, say something’” and the response from Dexter would be a specific regional accent that couldn’t be denied…

Thus, the “I love your accent” jokes took off and soon people around the country repped their region, including the deep south…

The Caribbean…

The Midwest…

And up north…


This isn’t the first time regional accents went viral either. Back in 2012 videos started popping up all over YouTube with the “Sh** People Say” series. Everyone from Atlanta to Philly to D.C. repped their city. Soon, people who might have thought their way of talking was the only way of talking could peep into other people’s regional culture. All the lingo, slang and drawls were celebrated or made fun of…


Fast forward to 2018 and it seems people are celebrating the quirks of their diction once again.

Celebrities aren’t off limits either.

Many artists, actors, and rappers make it out of their neighborhood only to find their thick accent is still there.

Don’t let the T.I.’s of the world fool you.

No matter how many big words or creative syntax he uses, the ATL is still there.


Some might even argue celebs might code switch depending on what company they’re around or what show they’re on. In a professional setting or in an atmosphere of less melanated folks, their unique way of talking might fade away. But catch them in a comfortable moment and the accent jumps out!

Hit the next pages for a list of celebs who can’t escape where they come from with thick accents that rep their cities!

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