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Unfortunately, the list of Black people who had police called on them for doing regular activities is getting longer.

The New York Times reports that Corey Lewis, 27, was babysitting, as he often does, when he noticed he was being followed.

Lewis reportedly first noticed the woman when when she followed him across a Georgia Walmart parking lot. Lewis says that within minutes, he was live on Facebook detailing the incident with the woman who began, “stalking” them after he refused to let her talk to the children.

He is a Black man and the children he was caring for were white. “I didn’t know what was going on, what she wanted to do,” Lewis reportedly said on Tuesday. He believes that the woman called the police because he was a black man walking around with two white children. “I felt like my character was being criminalized.”

The Times reports that the woman followed Lewis and the children out of the parking lot, to the gas station across the street, and to his home. Lewis was questioned by an officer who ultimately cleared him of all suspicion.


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