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The day of reckoning came this week!

Love and Hip-Hop stars Lyrica and A1 stopped by The Wendy Williams Show this week to share with the world the results of a paternity test and to reveal the gender of their baby. Remember: In season 5, K. Michelle accused Lyrica of cheating on A1 with his friend and Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree. While the “Souky Souky” singer denied the rumors, Safaree played coy, admitting to having crossed the line with her. (Whatever that means)

So in order to save her reputation, Lyrica went the Maury Povich route to prove that no man other than her husband was the father of her baby.

During the interview with Wendy, A1 confirmed that he had gotten the test done and that he WAS in fact the father!

“I knew it, but things happen you know,” A1 confided to Wendy.

Lyrics added, “Listen Wendy, I did this for him. … I wanted him to feel comfortable. I felt like since I was the one getting badge with the rumors he was owed that. I always knew.”

Most importantly, they also announced they are having a little boy!

Take a look:


While there were some fans blasting Lyrica for having put A1 through this, it seems to us that they are moving forward and are happy, which is all that counts.

Congrats you two!


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