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For the first time, Kenya deported a foreign national for making racist remarks about Black people, in what appears to be the most recent example of a sub-Saharan Africa nation refusing to tolerate bigotry.

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Kenyan authorities announced on Thursday the arrest and deportation of a Chinese national they identified as Liu Jiaqi. This was prompted by an outrageous video that surfaced of him calling Kenyans—including President Uhuru Kenyatta—“monkeys.”

Liu, a motorcycle salesman, was recorded making the remarks to his employee, BBC News reported. In the conversation, the Chinese man says he dislikes Kenya because it “smells bad and [its people are] poor, foolish and Black.” He tells his Kenyan worker that the only reason he’s in the country is to make money.

Here’s the video:

Kenya isn’t the only African country flexing its muscles against bigots. Ugandan authorities arrested a White American in August after a video appeared on social media showing him assaulting hotel workers while on a racist tirade.

Jimmy L. Taylor, 69, is reportedly an Arizona resident and Vietnam veteran who does Christian missionary work in the African nation. In the video, Taylor, apparently upset about his hotel key, launches his attack on staff members.

“You hate Jesus, you hate yourself?” he yells at staffers, as he throws punches and calls a hotel worker a “ni—er” and a “bi—h.”

South Africa, in a first, sentenced a white woman in March to prison for using a racist epithet commonly used by white South Africans against Blacks.

Vicki Momberg, a real estate agent, was sentenced to sit behind bars for up to three years because she was caught on video ranting about a Black police officer in February 2016, who had responded to her report of a robbery. In her long tirade, she referred to Black people as “kaffirs,” which South Africans refer to as the K-word.

Back in Kenya, it’s unclear whether immigration laws allow the government to deport people for racism, BBC said. Nevertheless, the government made it clear that it will not tolerate racial bigotry.


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