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Since last year, it has been reported that hate crimes have increased as a result of the rise of Donald Trump. Hate crimes in nine U.S. metropolitan areas rose more than 20 percent in 2016, reversing what had been a downward trend. Who are the most frequent victims of hate crimes  in the U.S.? Take a wild guess.

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The Texas Tribune reports, “But just 100 hate crimes — including 10 in Texas — have been pursued by federal prosecutors between January 2010 and July 2018, according to a News21 analysis of court documents. Half of those cases across the country — and half of those in Texas — involved racially motivated violence against Black Americans, more than any other group.” In addition, “Since 1995, Black Americans have been the victims of 66 percent of all racially motivated hate crimes, according to FBI data collected from local law enforcement agencies.”

Richard Rose, president of the Atlanta branch of the NAACP, told The Texas Tribune, “When this president campaigned, it was a campaign of division and bigotry.  And so, those people who believe in discrimination of any kind gravitated to that campaign. After the election, they feel emboldened to act out these statements that have racial overtones in them.”

That said, “emboldened” is clearly the word to describe white people using 911 as a weapon, racial outbursts and Trump reportedly on tape using the n-word. Sadly, we have an administration that thrives off of racism, it only appears to help their base.

Make America great again.


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