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Tonight’s episode of Insecure focuses more on Issa and Daniel’s dynamic as “just friends,” and it’s kind of sweet. We start the episode with a reminder that work is still trash for Issa. She is the only Black person at We Got Y’all and her boss won’t listen to any of her very valid concerns about microaggressions and racist marketing that are blatantly obvious and keeping the company from working with students they claim to want to help. Yet, for some reason, Issa’s boss is receptive to the same concerns when her other co-workers bring them up.


Issa won’t quit just yet because she’s trying to move out of Daniel’s house, and to make matters worse, he tells her she has another week at his place because Vanessa, the girl he’s smashing but doesn’t even really like, isn’t cool with Issa staying with him.

Still fronting, I see.


Having to move out so quickly presents another problem for Issa because her credit is struggle city at 425. It’s crazy that she has been working a full-time job and she has a side hustle, but she still can’t get an apartment. It’s that bad credit and of course, gentrification. But when Issa is motivated she’s really motivated so she’s making moves to figure something out.

In other news, we know that Daniel is still working on his big break in music but he’s stuck in a rut. He’s trying to get his music in the hands of a rapper named Spider and interestingly enough, Issa will be instrumental to making that happen, pun intended. There’s a show that night where Spider will be present and Daniel doesn’t want to go at first but Issa convinces him to go, as friends, of course. When they’re not being weird, they’re really good together.

They get there and Issa and Daniel run into Khalil, a producer they knew from school back in the day, who happens to be producing for YG. You guessed it, he knows Spider. Daniel does the necessary networking enough to get a studio invite until the party gets shot up. Womp womp.

The invite is a good move for Daniel, but Khalil’s success makes him feel some type of way because Daniel taught Khalil everything he knows yet Khalil is the one who blew up. Issa and Daniel are at a diner having this conversation. It’s chill, they’re being raw, real and not playing games. Their vibe is why Daniel changes his mind about Issa’s squatting time limit at his home says she can stay as long as she needs to.

The episode ends on a chill note, with Daniel giving Issa a massage in his living room because sleeping the couch has her neck all jacked up. Then he says, “If you want, You can sleep in my bed.”




But calm down, he plans to be working into the wee hours of the night. What ends up happening is that Issa joins Daniel as he vibes over some new music he’s working on.

But we haven’t forgotten about foine arse Nate from the Party Lyft. We’re pretty sure he’ll be back to complicate things. Plus. Issa in Daniel’s bed means Daniel will be joining her at some point. That is a temptation that neither of them can resist. This is going to be good.


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