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We all know Shaunie is getting into the cannabis industry and she’s making moves to get the vapes going. On tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives, she’s doing research that will help her have a successful business and part of that research will include a trip to the Netherlands.

Let’s cut to the chase, they’re still dragging out the moment we’ve all been waiting for where Malaysia confronts Jennifer but we’re getting closer to the foolishness. The group is going to Amsterdam for a weed-themed trip. Shaunie acknowledges that she knows there will be drama inviting the group. Tami isn’t going because she’s dealing with Reggie-drama. They’re not speaking because she told him she was having second thoughts about getting married and she’s not so sure that he’d be okay with not having children. Reggie is skeptical and looking at her like…


Tami also doesn’t want to be around Evelyn. Jackie is in, of course, and asks Shaunie to extend the invite to Cece. Shaunie is cool with Cece going but makes it clear that Jennifer isn’t invited. However, we all know how there’s always that one person in the group (in this case it’s Evelyn) pulling for the person that everyone else hates so we will be seeing her on the trip.

In other news, Kristen wants to confront Cece over their family drama before the trip. Jackie and Cece became friends and Jackie wants Cece and Kristen to get on the same page before the trip too, but let’s not pretend like that’s actually going to happen.


Back to Tami, it wasn’t looking good for her and Reggie’s relationship at first but in the end, after spending some time apart, they decided they want to be together and that’s where we end the episode.

Waiting on that Malaysia fade like…



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