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There comes a time in some women in relationships where it’s time to meet the babymama. That is tonight’s episode of Love Is aka drama. It all starts with Nuri kind of meeting Yasir’s mother over the phone. Their conversations intrigued Nuri, especially during the moment when Yasir got to chat with his son, Deonte, who happens to be there that day. Yasir’s son lost a tooth. Nuri encourages Yasir to see his son and bring him a gift from the Tooth Fairy. The thing for Nuri is, she once said she’d never date a man with children because she has her own abandonment issues with her father but she’s working through that. She can also be impulsive and has whimsical thinking. That being said, she sets it up so that she and Yasir can go visit his mother and son because she wants to meet them. Her theory is that she’d really get to know Yasir better if she gets to know his family.

Things start off relatively low key when they get there. Yasir’s mother seems to like Nuri but it all goes downhill when Yasir finds out that his babymama, Destiny, hasn’t been taking Deonte to some piano classes that are part of a program that would enrich his life and lead him on a path to getting tuition for private school. Yasir is pissed and abruptly heads to Destiny’s house in a rage.


Now that Nuri and Mama Yasir are alone, the latter brings up a good point: At least Nuri knows what she’s getting into now. Then Yasir’s mother gets down to business and really lays into her. She wants to know what her intentions are with her son and Nuri assures Mama Yasir that she loves her son and that this is not a joy ride.


Yasir returns home later on with Destiny in tow. Destiny is initially there to pick up her son, but she gets triggered when she sees Nuri and starts going off. She thinks Yasir is just showing off off Nuri and even gets so heated that she slaps him more than once. Yasir’s attempts to restrain himself from hitting her back are palpable. Basically, Destiny is irritated that he would think that she doesn’t care about her son’s enrichment and explains that she pulled him from the classes because she was tired of him being behind due to lack of resources. The other kids have pianos at home and Deonte doesn’t so how is he going to practice? Nuri suggests calling a local church to see if they’ll let him use the piano and triggers Destiny even more. Destiny hits Yasir again and says that Nuri is just another one of his b—hes that he’s living off of and Yasir’s mother finally has enough. She goes off on both Yasir and Destiny. She says that Destiny is mad because Yasir hasn’t been there for her and feels alone. She doesn’t have the luxury of going off and chasing her dreams because she’s stuck raising their son solo. But she also tells Destiny that it’s time to let Yasir go. She also says that Nuri’s suggestion was good and that Destiny and Yasir need to figure out how to raise Deonte in peace.


Yasir’s mom is obviously not well. We see this when she starts to get weak from reading everyone for filth and her husband (not Yasir’s biological father) takes her into the room to lay down. Destiny, Nuri, and Yasir are left stunned for a second and Destiny goes outside to wait for Deonte. The bright spot in all of this is when Deonte comes out of the room, preparing to leave, and Nuri points out the gift that the tooth fairy left him ($5 that’s really from Nuri) before he leaves. Yasir takes his son outside and Nuri takes a deep breath, she’s stunned by how heated things got.

According to Nuri’s therapist, some of her actions were her trying to save her own father. But in the end, Nuri obviously decides to keep riding because she feels like she has seen how much Yasir loves his son and understands how hard it must be for him to be away from him. Her hope is that Yasir will return home on his own terms. Her solution is to get him there faster is offering him a writer’s room in her home and once she finishes reading his script she’ll send it to people who can really make power moves.


The episode wraps with older Yasir stating that he is spoiled by the women in his life, including Destiny, and that he stands because they stand for him.

That’s a major understatement.


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