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Singer and songwriter Keyondra Lockett walked the red carpet at the McDonalds 365 Black Awards at Essence Festival 2018. The artist is known for her inspirational songs and being rooted in the Lord, as she’s also a member of the all-women gospel group, Zie’l.

Lockett is known for empowering other women and for her volunteerism, working with non-profit organizations like Glam Camp For Girls, Saving Our Daughters, and more. How does the beauty help keep her cup full, so she can continue to produce soulful music as well as help others?

Keyondra Lockett

Source: Brande Victoria / Hello Beautiful

She told Hello Beautiful, “I know that this sounds cliché, but prayer. Everybody needs prayer. You gotta go down in order to continue to go up.” Prayer is a big part of this beauties life as she’s a gospel singer and a songwriter who has written for artists like Kierra Shearad. She continued, “This is why we are down in spirit a lot of times because we have nothing to lift us up inside. Go down to pray, in order to go up!”

We feel you, sis!


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