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Bill Cosby Trial

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

It seems like Camille Cosby might finally be facing reality when it comes to the harm her husband Bill has caused.

According to, Camille is expected to divorced Bill Cosby, who recently was convicted of three counts of sexual assault.

She has allegedly left their Pennsylvania mansion to go to their Massachusetts hideaway. This leaves Bill by himself on house arrest.

“He literally is home alone,” one source said.

Camille even reportedly took their chef, multiple drivers and a house manager with her. “They’ve been fighting and arguing since the verdict,” said the source. “She wanted a divorce, but he begged her to stay!”

Camille’s sudden change of heart is interesting, considering how she defended Bill during his sexual assault case. She even issued an 800 word statement comparing Cosby’s accusers to Emmett Till‘s accuser.


Bill will be sentenced for his conviction on September 24 and he could face up to 30 years in prison. Meanwhile, Bill and Camille’s daughters together — Erika, Evin, and Erinn — have not visited Bill in months, according to

Their daughter Ensa died back in February due to kidney failure complications and their son Ennis was murdered back in 1997.

As for next steps for Camille?

Sources say she’s ready to start a new life without Bill. “Camille wants to leave his scandal behind her. She has no interest in seeing Bill,” said a source. “She wants to reside quietly in Shelburne (Massachusetts) — and doesn’t want his reputation affecting the life she’s building for herself!”

We’ll keep you updated if anymore info should surface!

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