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On December 3, ex-NFL player Khaseem Greene, who was 28 at the time, was at Allstar Night Club in Elizabeth, New Jersey. There was a shootout at the club, but no one was injured. According to authorities via, Greene was on security footage giving the shooter the gun. also reports, “Court records show [Jason] Sanders gave a voluntary statement when he was arrested on Dec. 30. He admitted to the shooting and said Greene had handed him the gun, authorities said. Greene was subsequently charged on Jan. 4 and indicted on May 9, 2017.”

Sanders, however, admitted he lied in an audio recording the same day he gave the statement, but the audio didn’t surface until July of 2017. Prosecutors were aware of the lie, but went forward trying to charge Khaseem Greene. This also means they likely lied about the security footage showing Greene giving the shooter a gun. His lawyer accused the prosecutors of misconduct and the case was dropped in August of 2017.

Now, Greene is filing a lawsuit against the Elizabeth police department and Union County prosecutor’s office.

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According to the Associated Press, “The lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses the defendants of ‘simultaneously manufacturing and fabricating false evidence in order to charge Plaintiff with a crime he did not commit.’” In addition, “the lawsuit charges numerous counts including civil rights violations, false arrest and imprisonment, malicious prosecution, negligence and defamation. It seeks unspecified punitive and compensatory damages, including for past and future economic loss. It also seeks the appointment of an independent monitor to oversee the Elizabeth police department.”

Greene told the Associated Press that the legal trouble was “probably the toughest time of my life” and “very hard emotionally and mentally.” He also added, “People started looking at me differently and accusing me of being this thug, this monster, and all of it was false.”

This is despicable behavior and we hope Khaseem Greene wins big.


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