After the Baker show, there were an array of things to do, of course, because this is the Fantastic Voyage! The night’s Comedy Show, hosted by the busiest man on the ship (aside from TJ himself) Guy Torry, showcased the talents of the up and coming comic Miss Pretty Ricki (remember that name) and Steven Brown, who were among the funny folks in the Limelight, where the jokes and the drinks were high-quality.



Comedian Steven Brown

Tired yet? There’s more to go. It’s White Night, don’t forget so there’s a party going on in Liquid Nightclub and in the Atrium, and then there’s an  Eric Roberson performance as well. Yup, right after jazz singer Toni Redd, there’s an Eric Roberson show. I can’t say enough about this talented singer, songwriter and all around performer but last night I saw something pretty rare in R&B. I saw an R&B artist freestyle a song. Roberson took topics from audience members and created a song on the spot, using almost every topic people threw at him, including ‘gerrymandering” “going down to Cub” and more. (The only one he missed was ‘fan the flames of love’ which admittedly sounds like a song all by itself.


And on to the 2 a.m. show: “Kings Of Crunk” with Trillville, Scarface, Eastside Boyz, Mia X and Bonecrusher was the most trill event of the night. If you can imagine an energetic crowd at 2 a.m., and I don’t mean, just a little energetic I mean fully hyped up despite the time. Even the late night elevator ride was hype.I don’t know where they were headed but 3 a.m. was a wrap for me.






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