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We are in horrific times. Our president is dismantling America. Black men continued to be attacked by police. Ben Carson is waging war on low-income communities. We are losing more people every day to the sunken place. Any moment of joy is needed. Thankfully, Kylie and Jalyssa are here to brighten our deary days.

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Kylie and Jalyssa, both 8, met through their dads four years ago via FaceTime. Since then, the two best friends have spoken on FaceTime every day, but never met in person. Kylie lives in Acworth, Georgia and Jalyssa lives seven hours away outside of Raleigh, NC. However, their parents arranged for them to meet April 13 and the adorable moment has gone viral.

Kylie’s mother Aisha Letman wrote on Instagram,  “It was a total surprise to both of them. Earlier, Kylie fell off her bike and hurt her knee real bad (why she’s limping) so this really cheered her up, one of the best birthday surprises ever!” Grab a tissue and see below!

Aisha Letman exclusively told NewsOne, “When I uploaded the video I had no idea the girls were going to go viral but it added to the excitement of the weekend. They had a sleepover and someone even sent them $50 to get toys from Target. It was the perfect weekend. We plan to visit them in North Carolina this summer and keep the tradition going.”

The girls clearly had a fun weekend. They wore matching outfits…

They took a trip to Starbucks…

And they even got their dance on…

The bond of best friends is real. Thankfully, these beautiful girls will always have this moment to reflect on 20, 30, or 40 years from now — and beyond! Thank you, Kylie and Jalyssa. You inspire us all to remember the importance and beauty of friendship.


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