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AOL Build Speakers Series Presents - Trina, Towanda And Traci Braxton, 'Braxton Family Values'

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Towanda Braxton is taking legal action against her brother-in-law, Vincent Herbert.

Braxton Family Values turned into more Braxton family drama last night as Towanda accused Vince of shortchanging her and Traci Braxton for their work.

As if the marital strife between Tamar Braxton and Vince wasn’t enough of a problem for the Braxtons, it looks like he may have crossed at least two of her sisters. Towanda had the family attorney do some digging about money she and Traci may still be owed for the Braxton Family Values theme song, and the paper trail reportedly led straight to Vince.

“I have decided to sue Vince,” Towanda casually revealed during a family outing. The announcement busted up an otherwise pleasant time making jewelry, and Traci seemed shocked at the suggestion that they had been swindled by their own brother-in-law.

“Antavius did a lot of research on the theme song for Braxton Family Values. Traci and I co-wrote the song. We never got compensated. And we never got compensated for singing the song,” Towanda explained. “The research found that Vincent was the publishing company. His name is all over it.”

According to the Braxtons’ attorney, Antavius, paperwork filed for the song makes it appear that the theme song is “wholly owned by Vincent Herbert and Tamar Braxton” and the other sisters “have no ownership interest or rights” to it.

What’s even more insulting to the Towanda is that documents for the song make it appear that Tamar was the only singer on the track.

We’ll have to see how this shakes out for the Braxton sisters, but we hope they can get this straightened out.


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