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Build Series Presents Jordan Peele, Allison Williams and Daniel Kaluuya Discussing 'Get Out'

Source: Ben Gabbe / Getty

Having experienced racism in both England and America, Daniel Kaluuya has a unique perspective on how the disease of West manifests in each country.

According to the Get Out star’s interview with W Magazine, Kaluuya said he feels “like racism’s more pronounced in America.”

He explains, “The disease is still there, it’s the same disease,but it just manifests in a different way. British culture is much more reserved, so (racim is) more systematic. I think in America, you have the systematic and the overt.”

Kaluuya also talked about how the diaspora is represented differently in England than America, with many Black Brits tracing roots directly to African and Caribbean identities. “Racism is not seen in England, but it’s felt. And it’s oppressive. And it stops you from being your best you sometimes.”

He also adds many Black artists from England prefer to live in America where they can have a clearer view of who and what they are up against, before concluding that “Racism sucks across the board. No matter how it comes out, it’s fucking shit.”

The original interview was released almost two weeks ago, but it’s gone viral on Twitter in the past 24 hours after being re-posted by @NoireN.

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