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New Zealand singer Lorde was about to be dragged to Jersey and back for an Instagram post in reference to Whitney Houston. 


Here’s what happened:

So apparently, this week, Lorde had a day off and she decided to celebrate it with a nice bath.

Nice, right?


Only problem is, when she took a picture of her water-filled bath, she captioned it “And iii will always love you.”




As you might know, Whitney’s untimely death was caused by drowning in a bath tub.

So yea.

After the now deleted pic was posted, folks swarmed in on Lorde, calling her caption insensitive and straight up tone death.

Lorde eventually apologized for her choice of words…

…and some folks defended her, saying there’s no way she meant any jokes by her post.



But it seems there’s folks with forgiveness in their heart.

What do you think of the whole debacle? Are you giving Lorde a pass or should she have known better? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!


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