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Detroit Singer La'Britney

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If it wasn’t explicitly clear from part 1 of our chat, Detroit singer La’Britney was a beautiful soul to talk to—confident, motivated, and all-around real about who she is and what she’s been through. So, for part 2 of our interview I called on LaNation’s more than capable leader to talk to the women tuning in. I asked “For those women who want to have more self-esteem, more confidence…they want to be a bad b*tch like you, can you give them some tips on how to get that process going?”

Here’s what La’Britney had to say.

1. You have to believe in yourself.

2. You have to be yourself.

“Don’t change for nobody—you have. to. be. yourself. It’s the easiest to be you because to try to be like someone else, well, that means you have to try to be like someone else,” she elaborates.

3. Go for EVERYTHING that you want.

To that, she adds: “I think as women, especially Black women coming from a city like Detroit, we have a lot of odds against us. A lot of opportunities aren’t brought to our city….so a lot of times people here, they’ll just settle. They live what the people around them consider to be a normal life. People look at me crazy for the things that I do. I’m a mother—I became a mom when I was 14 years old. To quit jobs and to quit school to literally chase a dream, this sh*t is one in a million. It’s very rare, coming from where I’m from, that people accomplish some of the things that I have accomplished. So, you really gotta believe in yourself. You gotta be for yourself and you gotta go. for. that. sh*t. That’s a bad b*tch right there. You feel me?”

You heard her ladies. Be sure to watch La’Britney’s visual for “Actin Funny” featuring Kash Doll below. And, don’t take that sound advice on how to become a better version of yourself lightly.

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