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Days after California police revealed that Devonte Hart, 15, and his siblings, 16-year-old Hannah Hart and 12-year-old Sierra Hart, were missing after their family’s car fell from a cliff in Northern California, more details about the parents alleged abuse are coming out.

After the tragic accident, a couple who lived next door to the Harts explained to the media why they called Child Protective Services just days before the accident.

“They portrayed this happy little family and yet their daughter is telling us please, please, please, begging us not to go back they’re abusing her and then Devonte coming over here and telling us that he’s being starved to death,” Dana Dekald told CBS News.

“I was trying to help them and protect them and this is the result.”

Devonte Hart’s mother Sarah Hart has a documented history of abuse.

Back in 2011, she plead guilty in Minnesota to domestic assault after a teacher noticed bruises on her then-6-year-old daughter. Hart allegedly told police she “let her anger get out of control.”

CBS noted that neighbors claim they saw the family rush out of their home Friday after Child Protective Services knocked on their door.

As we previously reported, the accident killed three of Hart’s siblings and his parents, Jennifer and Sarah after their car fell off a cliff near Mendocino. Mendocino County Sheriff officials say they are not sure what caused the crash, but do know that there were no skin marks left on the scene.

If you remember, Hart was young captured in a viral video of him offering free hugs during a protest in Oregon back in 2014. He was the one who was photographed hugging a police officer who caught the eye of his sign.

He has yet to be found.

Praying for these children.


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