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Once upon a time, back in 1988, Donald Trump got an honorary degree from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.


Fast forward 30 years later and Trump is now the President of the United States, making reckless statements left and right.


Now Lehigh University is peeping Trump’s statements like…


And they want their degree back.


Almost 83 percent of the faculty members participating in the ballot approved the motion urging the school’s board of trustees to rescind Trump’s degree.


The motion basically said Trump wasn’t putting any respect on the University’s name, “based on a long history of numerous documented statements that are antithetical to our core values and beneath the standard for Lehigh’s honorary degrees holders.”


The motion further stated, “By staying silent we are bystanders; we normalize hate speech, condone discrimination and bullying; we enable people in positions of power to corrode the foundations of civil society; and we abdicate our commitment and responsibility to uphold and sustain our core values.”


Even the student government body doesn’t want Trump to have that degree.

Now it’s up to the school’s board of trustees to make the final decision on rescinding Trump’s degree. Surely, the whole school is on the edge of their seats.


Seems like things could get ugly if the board doesn’t decide to snatch that degree back. Stay tuned and we shall find out!


This University Wants To Snatch Their Honorary Degree Back From Trump  was originally published on globalgrind.com