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Michael B. Jordan has been the man on everyone’s mind since the release of Black Panther this past weekend. Okay, he was on a lot of our minds before that for uhhh…various reasons, but after his killer performance as Killmonger, his place in Hollywood has been undoubtedly cemented.

With that status as one of the most in-demand actors of the moment, Jordan–just like his Panther cast mates–has been making the rounds for interviews across the globe. Michael’s latest stop was Sneaker Shopping, where he joins Complex’s Joe LaPuma to talk about his favorite sneakers growing up, how his style has changed, and what role sneaker culture plays within the film.

If you’ve already seen Black Panther, you know there are one or two obvious references to sneaker culture throughout the film like the *spoiler alert* “WHAT ARE THOOOSEEE?” joke. Beside that, Jordan hints that there might be some other, more subtle references in the movie that him and director Ryan Coogler sprinkled in for fun, because the both of them are sneakerheads.

Peep the entire interview below to see Michael talk about his relationship to shoes growing up and what he likes to rock now.

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