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If you were a fan of Heelys back in the day and miss them like a dear friend, some new gear might be right for you.

Scooter company Razor is taking the idea of heels with wheels and updating it for 2018. Their new product, Turbo Jetts, uses a battery powered motor to propel people up to 10 miles per hour for 30 mins. The gear fits over your sneakers and can hold up to 175 pounds.

At $130, you might want to think long and hard about weather the bulky contraption is worth the fun. It definitely can make your daily commutes more interesting, especially if punctuality is not your strong suit.

The Turbo Jetts fit U.S. kid shoe sizes up to 12 and U.S. adult sizes up to 12 as well if you want to give them a go. Watch them in action for yourself below.


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