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With the hustle and bustle of NYFW still underway, one always questions the nuances that a designer can bring to every collection. And for Basketball Wives LA star Angel Brinks, her Fall 2018 collection did not disappoint.

Known for glamorous outfits that play upon the glitz and glam, Brinks’ Fall collection was definitely an extension of her S/S 2018 with a variety of sequins and playful bodysuits. Playing upon the sex appeal, metallic bodysuits came cascading down the runway, offering a fierceness that was unlike any other.

The runway also offered a gamut of crop tops to cut-out mesh dresses to skin-tight liquid metallica-themed rompers. Other rompers were rib-caged style, almost a remake of a ‘dominatrix’ vibe. For this collection, there was no shortage of rompers, crop tops, and form-fitting clothes for women of all shapes and sizes.

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The models in the show also offered a beautiful spectrum of variety-from newcomers to OGs, the brand proved to be an inclusive and monumental moment for many. For plus-size model Naimah Terry, it was an amazing opportunity to show people that clothing can, and should, be made for all body types. “I commend Angel for giving plus-size models like myself and Liris Crosse the opportunity to walk during NYFW and giving new and aspiring models this opportunity!” She added, “For some girls, this was their first modeling experience ever! I think she designs with curvy women in mind! She is passionate! She used this opportunity to showcase multiple collections including her new signature collection! I am proud of her and excited to see her brand evolve!”

“Walking in the show was literally one of my dreams, everything that Angels brand describes, I am,” added model Nasondra Benson. “ I ripped that runway as fierce as I could because when you are wearing Angel Brinks, you literally feel like you are unstoppable!”

Another model from the show, Ashley Grace, also noted the pride she had for a brand that promoted inclusiveness. “ [Angel] gives an opportunity to women who are not your ‘average’ model size. Her collection was made to make women feel good about themselves and stand out!”

There was also a section that featured evening wear, and the gowns were everything of elegance and class. Many took on a “Great Gatsby” flapper-style flare, coming in a gamut of champagnes, blacks, and golds.

The final walk proved that this was a collection for every woman. Undeniably, the collection continued to support that Brinks is a designer who knows her ideal audience and her brand.


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