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Mo'Nique, Gary Owen

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Here’s the lesson: Don’t come for Mo’Nique unless she calls for you.

This is the lesson Gary Owen learned when he called out the Oscar winner for her beef with Girls Trip producer Will Packer. 

Remember Owen took to Instagram to call the Oscar winner out.

“Man, Mo’Nique don’t stop,” he began. She blames everybody. It’s Oprah, it’s Tyler, it’s Lee Daniels, it’s Netflix. Now it’s Will Packer. She went too far when she started blaming Will Packer on s—t. That’s my friend. That’s my homeboy,” he said.

“Will Packer [has] done more for Black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the last 10 years,” he said. “He’s basically showing Hollywood that Black movies have a mainstream market… Mo’Nique blames everybody… I’m not going to sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that. Sometimes, you got to take accountability for yourself. It’s you. It’s you!… C’mon, Mo’Nique. S**t’s getting old!”

Clearly, Mo was not having any of it.

“Gary I hope you fight as hard for your African American wife and daughter for the inequalities that they face. For all the black people you say he’s help. WHY ARE YOU SPEAKING FOR THEM. WE DON’T NEED A SPOKESPERSON. With all you said I still don’t have nothing but love for u,” she tweeted.

And she wasn’t done:

As we previously reported, two weeks ago, Mo called for a boycott of Netflix, accusing of them undermining Black female talent, stressing to TMZ that she is the most decorated comedian alive and should have been offered as much as her Black male and white female counterparts.

“Even though Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are considered men, they are considered legends. Yet Robbie Praw said ‘Mo’Nique is a legend. I am not disputing what they got, they are deserving of that. Those brothers are legends. However, when you put out our tenure together, I think Chris may have been in the business maybe five years longer than me. I think David and I pretty much started at the same time,” she stressed.

When asked point blank does she think that Netflix mistreats Black women, her response was simple.

“My answer is yes. I am proof of that.”


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