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Miami-Dade College, Chinese New Year Festival, Selling Girl Scout Cookies

Source: Jeff Greenberg / Getty

The San Diego Girl Scout council is looking into whether a young scout who was photographed selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary broke any rules–but most people just think the little girl is an absolutely genius. Officials were trying to talk to her family, because she was in a commercial area which is not allowed.

Urbn Leaf posted a photograph of the Girl Scout on Friday outside a shop that sells medical and recreational marijuana, while inviting customers to come get some cookies. The girl is proudly clutching boxes of cookies outside the front doors of the dispensary, which was shared all over the internet after posted.

Urbn Leaf founder Will Senn said that the girl was with her parents and was just passing by with her wagon, but he likes to support local fundraising efforts. He joked, “Cannabis is now legal in California and a direct result of that is the munchies a lot of times.”

The photo drew a lot of criticism, with a few people being against a child photographed outside a dispensary. Beside those few, most people on social media were completely impressed with the idea. Check out those reactions below:

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