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Umar Johnson is a self-proclaimed Prince of Pan-Africanism. Never mind his misogyny, homophobia, calling other Black men n**gers, juvenile exchanges on social media and his psychology license under investigation —  Johnson believes he is the guru for all things Black. Therefore, he has an opinion about Oprah‘s epic Golden Globes speech. Keep in mind, Oprah never said she was running for president and her speech at the Globes was about honoring women who fought back against sexual harassment. Nonetheless, Umar Johnson believes because Oprah is about “feminism” and “LGBT-ism,” her presidency “spells out extermination for Black men everywhere.” If you can endure, watch the clip below:

I would argue a mindset like Umar Johnson’s spells division for Black people everywhere. Furthermore, what has Umar Johnson done for Black men? There was an alleged charter school he was trying to build for Black boys, which definitely would’ve been rooted in patriarchy and spiritual violence. The school’s GoFundMe page was allegedly removed, despite tons of donations. On the other hand, Oprah sent 300 Black men to Morehouse. In case you forgot:

Furthermore, all the hate Umar has toward the LGBT community is deeply illogical — considering James Baldwin, Bayard Rustin, Audre Lorde and countless other Black queer people have done more for the LGBT community than Johnson will do in a lifetime. Umar Johnson  is the Ann Coulter of Hoteps, a hysterically misinformed hack who will say anything for media attention. #Oprah2020


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