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Our parents always have our best interest at heart…but sometimes that results in hiding some pretty ridiculous stuff from us. Whether it’s banning certain video games or fast forwarding through entire parts of a television show, you’re not the only one who sometimes had to miss out on the good stuff because your mom or dad wanted to make sure their kid didn’t look at anything too risky. Though there are definitely some things that kids probably shouldn’t be able to watch or listen to–depending on who you ask, obviously–there are other items that, looking back, it seems pretty silly for our parents to have shielded us from. Yeah, super young kids probably shouldn’t be allowed to watch any of the SAW movies, but what’s wrong with Sabrina the Teenage Witch? She’s a teenager, for crying out loud.

A Twitter user by the name of Nick Douglas was feeling nostalgic, and thought back on the time that his parents wouldn’t even let him look at a Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic in his own Disney Adventure magazine. He recognizes now how silly that probably is, and raised the question for everyone else: What’s the funniest time your parents banned a piece of pop culture from you?

The answers range anywhere from banning certain hip-hop CD’s to just not wanting kids watch any TV at all. If you think you had it bad, there’s probably some kid out there who had it worse. Check out tweets from all of these kids who had some pretty arbitrary stuff banned from them–you might have gone through exactly the same deprivation as a child.

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