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Christmas In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Source: Tara Ziemba / Getty

Harry Potter fans are some of the most dedicated in the world, and even though the entire series takes place in a fictional realm, that doesn’t mean things wouldn’t be different if the demographic was. It’s no secret that most of the students at Hogwarts are white–so how different the would the school be like if they incorporated Black culture? A hilarious hashtag started trending on Thursday: #BlackHogwarts, and people are imagining the scenarios that would go down at school if the students at Hogwarts were Black. These tweets absolutely nail the differences between what Harry Potter shows, and how things would go differently at Black Hogwarts.

The lesson plans in class would inevitably a little bit different

But sorting would still stress everyone out just the same.

And if anything is for certain, Rick Ross would most definitely play the role of Hagrid…

Peep the next couple of pages to see all of the other things that would go just a little bit different at Black Hogwarts.

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