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Humanoid Sophia Makes Her Indian Debut

Source: Hindustan Times / Getty

Since the invention of the hyper-aware Sophia The Robot, the world has been keeping a close eye on everything she–er, it tweets. Even though more than a few kinks still need to be worked out, it doesn’t change the fact that she still looks real enough for the rest of us actual humans to be uncomfortable. It goes without saying that if robots ever do try to overthrow our government and take over the world, it wouldn’t hurt to be on their good side, which is why a lot of people are sucking up to Sophia.

Chrissy Teigen is known for her jokes, and she lets them fly at anyone worthy of getting roasted–even Sophia The Robot. When Sophia tweeted about going to New York last month, Teigen made a joke about the state of her makeup, proud she had roasted a robot on some next level ish.

Following that, she made sure to back track and let Sophia it was a joke, just in case anything ever happens down the line…

This interaction was a month ago, and now it seems Chrissy and Sophia are taking their relationship to the next level–and to be honest, Chrissy really has no choice but to play nice.

While playing it safe, it’s important that Teigen made sure the robot knew all about her gated home and the fact that she wants to meet somewhere with good lighting…you really can’t be subtle about these things when you’re meeting up with a robot.

So there you have it. Maybe one day we can really expect to see Sophia The Robot with Chrissy on Lip Sync Battle. But honestly, hopefully not…


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