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Diddy To Make Gracious Offer To H&M Model?

Sean Diddy Combs reportedly wants to give some major coins to the young, Black and gifted H&M model that was recently insulted in a racist H&M ad. The mogul may offer a $1 million Sean John contract to the model, who was pictured with a “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” shirt for the company’s UK site that sparked a racially tinged controversy, UK’s Metro reported.

The speculation about Diddy comes as LeBron James and The Weeknd have slammed the retail giant for their racist imagery. At this point, H&M is pretty much canceled when it comes to the Black community. Diddy may want to give the model the chance to be known for something other than this painful controversy. If the contract is real, then it’s good looking out Diddy.

Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Slapped Silly

An unknown man slapped Harvey Weinstein twice at a restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona Tuesday night, TMZ reported. A viral video of the incident is making internet rounds. Why specifically did the man slap Weinstein? The disgraced Hollywood producer was hit in the name of all the women that said he sexually assaulted them. Allegations about Weinstein came to light in October and led to him being fired from his company.

Kanye West Visits NMAAHC

Mr. West is in the building! Kanye West made a surprise trip to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on Tuesday, Billboard reported. He brought his dad, Ray West along for the visit, which seems to have been a big deal to several museum visitors. His museum appearance caused quite a stir  when he distracted others guests from a tour. Perhaps West will be easier to keep with this year, having maintained a low-profile in 2017.


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