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If you are teacher who resorts to lynching threats to get your students to work — it’s time to find a new gig.

According to Tanisha Agee-Bell, a white teacher at Mason Middle School in Mason, Ohio threatened her 13-year-old son with  a lynching if he didn’t get back to work. WLWT5 reports that the teacher admitted to saying, “If you don’t get back on task, your friends are going to form an angry mob and lynch you.”

Bell complained and is asking for the teacher to be removed from the classroom. However, the school is defending the teacher, the Associated Press reports, “Mason schools spokeswoman Tracey Carson says educators sometimes ‘mess up.’ She says the teacher did not mean to offend the student.” Didn’t mean to offend? What exactly did the teacher “mean” to do — give the child a warm feeling of learning by using language from Jim Crow? The Associated Press continues,  “The district says in a statement that it has seen an uptick in racially insensitive comments, sometimes arising from ‘genuine ignorance.’ Officials have pledged to continue providing cultural sensitivity training.”

Agee-Bell told WLWT5, “For her not to understand that the words that she said were a direct pull from what has been, what was a practice in the United States, is unacceptable. She shouldn’t be in the classroom. She shouldn’t be in the classroom at all,” She continued, “And I’m not saying she should never go back in the classroom, but until she can demonstrate that she understands what the impact of the language that she used and what she did can have, has had on my son, has on his peers and is having on our community, then she doesn’t need to be in the classroom.” Watch the video below:

What an awful apology from a school district. Was the teacher disciplined at all? Now the 13-year-old has to look at the teacher everyday who used language like “lynch.” Sounds like the school district needs serious cultural sensitivity training.


SOURCE: WLWT5, Associated Press


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