Cynthia Bailey: ‘If I’m Old Enough To Be Your Mom We Can’t Date’


“Can you believe it? This is actually my 8th season. I can’t believe it,” expressed housewife star, Cynthia Bailey.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta has returned for its 10th season and Bailey believes, “it will be a little less predictable.”

But there’s got to be a lot of perks that come with starring in a hit reality show.”I would have to say you know it’s the opportunities that come with the platform. At the end of the day I, am a businesswoman, And I’ve been able to use it,” explained Bailey.

But we really want to know what Bailey’s been up too since her divorce from Peter Thomas.

“I’ve been in a relationship for the past two years. And I am officially divorced now. And I am dating a couple guys that I really like,” she said. “My type is someone who is secure. I cannot be with somebody who is insecure. My type is confident. My type is successful.”

She’s got one rule though in dating and it’s, “If I’m old enough to be your mom we can’t date. And if I’m older than your mom we definitely can’t date,” she exclaimed.

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(Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard)

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