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Lisa Nicole Cloud

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A week after an audiotape surfaced of ex Married To Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud calling her husband’s alleged mistress, it’s being reported that perhaps the couple is trying to work things out.

According to the Jasmine Brand, sources told the gossip site that she and Darren Naugles are back together and are doing their best to get past his alleged infidelity.

An unnamed source said that despite all the drama, Lisa is optimistic about the future.

“Lisa is in a really positive, happy space. When she was on the show, she was open about her husband being unfaithful and with this situation, they’re focused on making their marriage stronger,” they said.

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As we previously reported, an audio clip was released to several blog outlets last week where Lisa can be heard screaming and cursing at the alleged other woman, telling her to stay away from her husband. She also demanded that Darren tell the woman that he is a married family man with kids.


Apparently, Lisa went through her husband’s phone and saw that Darren and this mystery woman had been chatting. It’s also rumored that Darren told this woman that he was unhappy with his marriage and he and Lisa weren’t together anymore.

However, sources told the Jasmine Brand that the video was a few months old and the couple have since then addressed this issue.


This isn’t the first time infidelity rumors have plagued the couple. Throughout the four seasons she was on Bravo’s hit reality show Married To Medicine, there was plenty focus on whether or not Darren was cheating.

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