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ABC's 'How to Get Away with Murder' - Season Four

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On tonight’s episode of How to Get Away With Murder, we learn that Annalise’s therapist (Isaac) has a therapist. He explains to his therapist that Annalise is triggering him. That therapist tells him to transfer Annalise to someone else, but he refuses. He thinks they’re almost at a breakthrough and that he can help her. The therapist would rather him not be caping for anyone but himself since he’s so fragile.

Being that he’s a therapist he should know better, but nope.


He won’t transfer Annalise, but he transfers Bonnie to someone else.

Meanwhile, the DA’s office is working overtime to shut down Annalise’s class action suit against Virginia Cross with flip-floppy Connor’s help. Annalise confronts all the cowards at the DA’s office who are trying to block her progress and tells them to think about all the families they’re continuing to destroy by not doing the right thing (this actually makes Connor start to love her again). Y’all know the folks in the DA’s office are pretty evil (look at Denver and Bonnie). So they all give her the ill blank stare.


They really could care less about the people behind bars who shouldn’t be. What they care about is making this go away so the DA’s office doesn’t look bad.

Asher confronts Michaela about lying to him. She lies to him again and tells him that she was at Laurel’s house and not at the office that night because she’s Laurel’s birthing partner and that she lied to him about it because she didn’t want him to feel left out. For a hot second, Asher thought Laurel and Michaela were lesbian lovers. They’re not, but Michaela is still lying to him. Asher seems to believe it, and even stops by Laurel’s place with a teddy bear for the baby.

We know what show this is, though. That gift comes with a plot twist.


We find out that Nate has been trying to protect Annalise from Bonnie. He’s shutting down Bonnie’s attempts to sabotage Annalise. Bonnie confronts him about this and he tells her that she is ruining people’s lives with this psycho behavior. He’s still not on #TeamAnnalise, but he is about doing the right thing. Nate is probably the only one who really does mean well, and he’s fair and balanced about it.

Then Laurel’s dad invites her to dinner and tells her that she’s about to be very rich. Laurel is confused because they’re already rich, but he informs her that this is some real ish–effed up commas like they’ve never seen. Her children, her children’s children, and so on won’t ever have to worry about money again. He tells her that Man Powers is going public. This scene is intertwined with Tegan and Michaela bonding. Tegan tells Michaela that she’s happy about this new deal that’s unfolding (it’s whatever Laurel’s dad is talking about), and tells Michaela that she better not tell anyone or she will be in serious trouble.

Michaela and Connor tell Laurel that they should be happy about this deal and let their secret investigation go. Laurel explains that this is why her father killed Wes. Basically, Wes was about to turn against Annalise at the same time her father was about to go public. If Wes had snitched then they all would have gone down and the deal wouldn’t have happened. Denver must have called Laurel’s dad and told him what Wes was up to, so Laurel’s dad had Wes killed.

Laurel, the stubborn woman that she is, does not want to settle and she thinks they should make those files go public to screw up the deal. This brash way of thinking of her is not what’s up.


In therapy, Annalise reveals that she’s still haunted by her son’s death, which we already know. But she also reveals that she wanted to die with her son and that she tried to end her life by overdosing on sleeping pills.

Meanwhile, Annalise and Connor figure out a way to force the DA’s hand. They get the son of one of the inmates to write a letter to the press about how the DA is trying to shut this case down. It works. But, Annalise is still going to face opposition from the DA. You know they don’t give up that easily.


Oliver finesses the IT guy at Caplan and Gold, and discovers that you need a special badge from a high ranking employee in order to get around their secret server. You know what this means right? Absolutely not. Michaela refuses to steal Tegan’s badge.

It’s also important to note that they don’t know this entire conversation is being recorded. Remember that teddy bear Asher gave Laurel “for the baby?” Actually, Asher snuck a camera inside of it so he’s hip to game.

Later on, Michaela returns home to find Asher packing his bags. He tells Michaela that she better tell the truth or he’s out. Michaela spills the beans that Laurel’s dad killed Wes. She tells Asher she lied to him because she didn’t want him to get hurt. He’s still upset with good reason and decides to leave. But then he goes to Bonnie’s house of all places.


And then we see Isaac watching a video clip of himself with a young woman in a cap and gown. He starts balling his eyes out. We can safely assume it’s his daughter, that she’s dead, and that his shared experience with Annalise, of losing a child, is why he’s triggered. Then, Isaac’s therapist shows up to Annalise’s place and introduces herself as Isaac’s ex-wife.

Fast forward to the murder scene again. Isaac calls Annalise and wonders where she is. Then we see the crime scene again all bloody and investigators swirling about. And then we see Annalise in the shower with her clothes on, despondent, rinsing herself of as blood runs down the drain.


Hopefully, she didn’t murk anybody, but you never know with this show. We’ll be back at it next week.


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