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After all that shucking and jiving for Trumpit looks like Omarosa Manigault is slowly losing her influence over the President. A new report says that #45’s chief of staff John Kelly is trying to push her out of the White House inner circle because he’s tired of her creating drama.

According to the Daily BeastKelly has taken steps to prevent the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison and other senior staffers from getting unvetted news articles on the president’s desk. Apparently sending the President news and facts riles him up and has him spending the whole day “fuming about it.”

Sources told the publication that Omarosa was the main person who would slip into the Oval Office or email Trump to distract him with negative news coverage or Right Wing conspiracy theory stories.

For example, earlier this summer Omarosa was one of the people who would bring President Trump stories about MSNBC hosts, and former Trump pals, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinsk “slagging him, and his administration.” Soon after, the president tweeted that Brzezinski “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.”

Kelly is not here for another incident like that.

“When Gen. Kelly is talking about clamping down on access to the Oval, she’s patient zero,” a source close to the Trump administration told the Daily Beast.

A source also told the publication that Kelly “is not thrilled by any means by [Manigault]. He is, however, thrilled that he has been able to stop staffers including Omarosa from bolting into the Oval Office and triggering the president with White House [palace] intrigue stories.”

Another White House insider says that Omarosa is not “happy” with her loss of influence over the president.

“She’s not happy about it. She has a bond that goes back years with [Trump] and resents being cut off like everyone has.”

Girl bye—literally.


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