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A night out on the town with Bae is what date nights are made of, but sometimes a simple night on the couch is all you need to make romantic memories. The best date night in starts with snacks, a good blanket and more importantly, a great TV/ movie lineup.

Shows that spark healthy discourse or an all-out battle of the sexes are what keep your favorite shows and relationship interesting. Are you and Bae on the opposite side of an episode or do you see remnants of your relationship in your favorite TV couple? These are just a few of the questions that are bound to come up while “bae watching” and we’ve compiled a list of the best ones on our radar. Let us know if your favorite made the list!


Whether you’re a member of the #LawrenceHive or strictly #TeamIssa, there are few better shows depicting modern, black relationships than the HBO hit Insecure. On Sunday nights, all you have to do is hop on Twitter to see the trending topics dominated by the events of that week’s episode. What makes this show such a fun watch for couples is that not only does it open the dialog for the ups and downs of relationships, but it also allows you to see relationship situations from various perspectives. Also, it’s hilariously funny and relatable, making it something you and Bae will talk about all week long.

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Don’t get it twisted, just because the Starz hit crime drama Power is testosterone-driven doesn’t mean both sexes can’t equally enjoy it. Power is must-see TV. The bulk of it centers around the drug game, Ghost and his right-hand man Tommy, but the juiciest part of the show is the downright messy love triangle between Ghost, his wife Tasha and mistress Angela and now Ghost’s former lawyer Silver. All of which will lead to heated arguments but enthralling debates between you and Bae.

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Is there a better way to spend Thursday nights than with the Lyons? We think not. Empire perfectly combines the campiness of soap operas, the drama of the crime underworld and the lure of the modern music industry into a TV viewing experience. Men may admire the ruthless business dealings of Lucious Lyon, while women cape for Cookie’s tell-it-like-it-is approach to family and business. It’s impossible not to be sucked into the Lyon’s Den and their drama, which will keep both you and Bae entertained, while streaming the music from each week’s episode.


Atlanta is the quirky, brilliant, funny and blisteringly realistic show from the mind of Donald Glover. During its first season, the FX hit series was honest in its portrayal of a young black man trying to chase his dreams and the various obstacles in his way that range from comedic to dramatic and everything in between. You and Bae will laugh at its humorous take on struggling to make it, but also spark a healthy discussion on real-life issues currently dominating our landscape, like racism, classism, homophobia and transphobia. If nothing else, you both will come away with a healthy appetite for lemon pepper wet wings and an appreciation of Paper Boi’s skills on the mic.

Dear White People

The freshman Netflix series Dear White People takes on the serious topics (see issues on race, class, sex), but also leaves room for some good ol’ relationship drama and wild college antics, which is the basis of what makes this show memorable. The series is also a very timely depiction of what is going on in the country right now, but it’s not so preachy that you and Bae can’t find some enjoyment watching. After all, binge-watching is the ultimate modern-day couple activity.


If you’re not married, but thinking or hoping to go that way in the future, the ABC hit family comedy Blackish is the perfect show to watch with Bae to get a take on how modern family life is…and if you view it the same way or not. Will you be a free-spirited mom like Bow or will you attempt to lay down the law like dad Dre only to find yourself in a string of mishaps? There are so many questions you and Bae can ask each other while watching Blackish and laughing along the way. This modern depiction of the black family also brilliantly highlights some of the biggest issues of today that not only impact adults, but kids as well, making this the perfect family comedy that also has a lot of heart.

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