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Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

Rudy Gay has never been one to make headlines or go crazy on social media — but NBA 2K18’s recent list of the best small forwards in the game was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

On Tuesday, the popular sports game released their list of top ten small forwards currently in the league, and while stats like LeBron James and Kevin Durant made the cut, Gay didn’t.Just like most people who have an issue to address, the San Antonio Spurs star took to Twitter:

Despite Rudy’s  disappointment, it’s worth noting that ratings change as the season progresses.Game’s rating expert, Michael Stauffer, told Hoops Hype, “We’re always re-evaluating a player and their skills; it’s a year-round process … If we see it over the course of a week or two – which is basically a five-game stretch – then they’ll likely see an increase. We try not to make knee-jerk reactions based on a small sample size.”

Work harder, play harder, Rudy! If not, just be happy you aren’t a Black actor in Hollywood. They get snubbed all the time and make millions less than you. Just sayin’!



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