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US Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA District-04) and Miss Community Clovia discuss the letters sent to HUD about the unsafe and unhealthy conditions at Essex Village Apartments in Henrico, VA. HUD has confirmed receipt of both of the letters. Has Congressman McEachin received a response from the HUD staff? What’s the next plan of action if any?


From the desk of US Congressman A. Donald McEachin:

Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04), wrote a letter to Secretary Ben Carson urging him to immediately address the issues at Essex Village.


“As HUD is aware, Essex Village residents have been forced to endure systematically unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for too long,” wrote Congressman Donald McEachin.


In light of last week’s incident when a balcony rail gave way and a pregnant woman fell, Congressman McEachin sent a letter to Secretary Carson requesting a phone call this week with HUD about the living conditions and promising to send this more detailed letter, which further explains the disastrous living conditions and reiterates the Congressman’s specific concerns. 

“I sent a letter requesting a second call with your staff in order to hear what HUD plans to do. I reiterate that request today: I would like to know why Essex Village was allowed to reach its current state of dangerous disrepair; what corrective actions HUD is taking or intends to take, and when; how HUD will work with other good-faith stakeholders – notably county officials – in order to achieve better outcomes; and what recourse is realistically available to my constituents if fundamental problems are not swiftly and completely corrected,” continued Congressman McEachin. 

Congressman McEachin has requested from HUD:

·                 A plan for repairing the Essex Village property;

·                 An immediate phone call regarding the young, pregnant woman who fell from her second-story balcony;

·                 Information about how residents can vacate their contracts and secure vouchers to find other housing; and

·                 A policy change to allow Henrico County officials to accompany HUD on inspections of the property or provide an understanding of why that is not feasible.

Congressman McEachin is eager to speak with HUD at the earliest opportunity. He remains deeply concerned about the well-being of the 1,600 Essex Village residents and calls for immediate actions to correct the various unacceptable issues. HUD has confirmed receipt of both letters.