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Joseline is back in action after taking some time to bond with her daughter, Bonnie Bella. Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opens with Joseline having a ki ki with Melissa and Jessica Dime. She rehashes her labor and delivery story and explains she and Stevie’s newfound truce. She’s also going to be co-hosting The Real, which we’ve seen by now. Good things are happening for her despite the fact that she’s sitting with her only two friends in Atlanta. Speaking of that, Jessica Dime tells them what happened at Tommie’s wine tasting. Her version of the story is that they were all hating on her for mentioning that she went to Joseline’s video shoot, which means they were hating on Joseline by extension.

Now you know Jessica’s version of the story is skewed in her favor. They weren’t hating on Joseline, they just hate Joseline, and rightfully so after she tried to maul them all at that epic reunion, but whatever.


Somehow, what comes out of this conversation is that Melissa thinks Joseline and Karlie Redd should talk. Because, these things always go well.


Karlie Redd links up with Yung Joc and gives him a sob story about wanting a man to have her back, yatta yatta. Basically she feels some type of way about him hanging out with Karlie. But like…wasn’t she messing with Ceasar from Black Ink Crew around this time?


Anyway, Yung Joc doubles down on the fact that they weren’t even exclusive so he was free to do whatever. He’s not as dumb as he might let on. He realized that Tommie was just hanging out with him to get back at Karlie. The conversation ends with Karlie telling him that he can show her it’s real by showing up to the grand opening of her new store location.

Rasheeda expresses to her mom that she’s pissed about that stunt she pulled with Momma Dee—you know, making the announcement at a music showcase that Kirk needs to get a DNA test. Shirleen then tells Rasheeda how she heard from Scrappy that Kirk was gossiping about her and trying to make it seem like Rasheeda is the reason he cheated—as if they didn’t know he wasn’t ish. Shirleen gets to the bottom line, though. What is Rasheeda going to do? Rasheeda says divorce has come up, but at the moment she feels good with them living separately.

Translation: She’s going to get right back with him like she has in the past.

Speaking of facilitations, KK mediated a chat between Tommie and her mom, Sam. They have a contentious relationship as we all know, so it’s not shocking that their conversation doesn’t go well. Tommie is harboring a lot of pain from childhood and says she doesn’t want a relationship with her mom. Sam doesn’t want to own up to being a bad mother. They both meltdown and it’s clear that their relationship will remain in shambles.


In another dramatic scene, Tammy, Bambi, Rasheeda, Sierra, Karlie and Mimi decide to link up and have a bonfire with the purpose of letting go of baggage. This situation is straight up Waiting to Exhale-style (but the Black TV Network version). They each bring something that represents the issues they’re having in their lives to toss into the fire thus setting them free and allowing them to move forward.

They’ll get back to us on the progress they’ve made in episodes to come.


The episode concludes with the peace talk between Joseline and Karlie, moderated by Melissa and Dime. Basically, Joseline having a baby allegedly made her a more positive person. Whatever. They immediately get into a heated back and forth, each one accusing the other one of whatever shady bird activities that led to their fall out.

But let’s take a moment to never forget:


Anyway, things had already gone south but then Joseline even accused Karlie of sleeping with Stevie and that really doesn’t go over well. We end the episode with Karlie being uber dramatic again, literally crying about how she was there for Joseline. Mmmkay.

Next week Karlie Redd introduces Ceasar from Black Ink Crew to Yung Joc as her man.



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