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Joseline’s baby special is out of the way so we’re back to our regularly scheduled ratchet programming. Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta opens with Stevie J discussing Bonnie Bella with his older daughters. In short, they’re open to bonding with their new baby sister, but they want nothing to do with Joseline and they hope that Stevie and Joseline don’t get back together now that the baby has them feeling all mushy.


By now we know that Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka are back together, but for this sake of this season of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, let’s pretend we don’t know what’s going to happen. Tonight, we watch Tammy consider going on a date with Waka. She tells Bambi that she’s not sure about going out with him because she’s not convinced that he’s taking this separation seriously. Meanwhile, Bambi reveals that she and Scrappy are definitely no longer getting married, they’re not even together anymore. Raise your hand if you saw this coming:


At least they’re supporting each other in their heartbreak.

Later on Scrappy meets up with Momma Dee, who dishes her drama with Ernest, and he dishes his drama with Bambi and spills tea about Rasheeda and Kurt’s situation (basically about how Kirk was dragging Rasheeda and trying to blame her for his cheating). He also reveals that he’s moving to Miami to start over…and most likely in an effort to set us up for Love and Hip-Hop Miami, which they’ve been trying to get off for years. Momma Dee doesn’t like the fact that he plans to move, but surprisingly she doesn’t actually have a meltdown. Growth.


Back to Tammy and Waka’s big night out. Waka takes her to a private movie screening. It turns out that the movie stars them. He shows her a video collage featuring photos of their relationship. At the end of the video, he even includes all his social media passwords so she’s know he’s serious. Tammy is touched, but she’s still pretending to not be that moved. She’d rather have a faithful spouse instead of having to stalk his social media to see what he’s up to. Long story short, she’ll give him an answer about whether he can move back in or not in two weeks.


Momma Dee meets up with Rasheeda’s mom, Shirleen, and dishes the tea that Scrappy gave her about Rasheeda from Kirk. Shirleen is ready to go to bat for her daughter so it’s on next time she sees Kirk.

Now we’re at the big event where everything is supposed to go down. We find out that Stevie has a new Latina artist. She’s the “Panamanian Goddess.”


They’re allegedly keeping it strictly professional.

Anyway, Rasheeda reveals that she and Kirk have not spoken in weeks. Shortly after that, Momma Dee calls Shirleen to the stage. Rasheeda didn’t even know Shirleen was planning to show up, but Mommy Dearest has a message for Kirk, who decided to not show up (probably because he knew Rasheeda would be there). Not only does Shirleen call Kirk the dumbest human being on the planet, but she also urges him to stop being a coward and get the DNA test. She knows that his friends will be there to deliver her message.

Rasheeda is so mortified that she leaves just before Momma Dee hypes Shirleen up even more to then hype the crowd up to start chanting, “DNA! DNA!”

It’s understandable that mom wants to ride for her baby, but this is a hot mess. It’s also time we see Rasheeda really deal with this. Hopefully next week.


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