President Donald Trump has been boasting about his parties new replacement for Obamacare which he’ says is about to implode but the Congressional Budget Office  released it’s report on this alleged replacement plan and it appears that the American’s who have will benefit while the have-nots will suffer horribly.

The CBO report states that: The Republican bill would cut $880 billion from Medicaid over 10 years, steer federal tax credits away from lower-income consumers and undo some of the Affordable Care Act’s changes to the insurance market ― including the “individual mandate” that imposes financial penalties on people who decline to get coverage.

The changes would produce an immediate spike in the number of uninsured, with 14 million losing coverage in just the first year,  premiums to come back down afterward, but the number of people without coverage would continue to rise only to reach 52 million in 2026.

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